Ducted Reverse Cycle

If it’s guaranteed climate control in one system that you’re after, then ducted reverse cycle is the perfect choice for your home, business or workplace.

Whether you are looking to do an entire dwelling or just a particular room or area, MRB can design a custom ducted reverse cycle package based on your specific needs.

This may be the only system you will ever need. Modern ducted reverse cycle systems allow one system to do both the cooling and the heating in your home. This is especially important in our Riverina climate, which certainly sees its fair share of extremes in both hot and cold weather – trends that are becoming more common due to our changing climate.

In wintertime, the bonus of these systems is that they don’t require any gas or LPG to run. With gas prices on the rise and the environmental footprint of wood heating, installing a system with long term savings potential is an important consideration and a smart financial investment.

During warmer months, ducted reverse cycle systems are also a great choice for areas that cop a lot of summer sunlight, or spaces that have a high number of daily users. This includes high-traffic places, such as businesses, schools and other workplaces.

With MRB, you’re getting the best in climate controlled technology. The latest systems we install are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and allow for room-by-room zoning. This capability allows for keeping your entire house cool, or just certain areas, depending on your specific site needs.

With the addition of an advanced climate control zoning system and SmartZone technology, each room in your home or workplace can be set to a consistent and comfortable temperature 24/7, 365 days a year.

Here are some of the other benefits of these systems.

Best for beating heat and humidity

When the heat of summer really kicks in, these reverse cycle systems are consistent all-round performers – even under humid conditions. These systems aren’t affected by higher moisture content in the air, and actually de-humidify your home as they cool the air.

Unlike evaporative systems, these ducted systems allow for windows and doors to be kept closed. Depending on the season – whether the ambient temps are hot or cold – this helps to keep cool or warm air inside, and your inside temp stable year-round.

Best for Noise Reduction

Being able to keep windows and doors shut also minimises sound disruption from outside. Ducted reverse cycle is the best choice for homes, schools or workplaces where outside noises may be a distraction.

These systems are not only great for controlling your indoor climate regardless of the extremes in ambient temps, they’re also the best choice for minimising outside sound.


Best For Hay Fever and Asthma

Keeping windows and doors shut while keeping your house at a comfortable temperature can also be a help for allergy, hay fever or asthma sufferers. Hygienic, efficient, and best for controlling the extremes of Riverina’s ambient temperatures, ducted reverse cycle may be the ideal choice for your home, office or workplace.  

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