Split Systems

Split systems can offer a perfect, efficient solution, to climate control within an area. If you’re in need of a Split system installation, MRB can help.

If it’s heating and cooling in one convenient system you’re after – this is a cost effective way to go. Split systems are a great choice if you need quick climate control in an area, such as a room, shed, apartment, office, or granny flat.

Because the Riverina provides us with a wonderful four-season climate, split systems have become tremendously popular in recent years. Split systems are the ultimate in functionality, with the installed unit providing both cool or warm air as needed.

Split systems are also an especially great option for those initial cool days of autumn, or the first unseasonably hot days of spring. A split system will have you sorted straight away, regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way.

Once fitted, a split system allows for constant temperature control, year-round, and can be the efficient and cost effective choice for particular areas. There is nothing to open up, shut down, clean out, or pack away.

Here are some of the other benefits of these systems.

No roof space? No problem.

For homes or workplaces with little roof space, split systems are a great choice. These systems can be installed on any surface with an outside wall to have your heating and cooling needs sorted with minimal disruption. This makes them ideal for units and other shared spaces.

Downsizing at home

These systems have become a popular choice with a lot of downsizers. Once installed, a split system can easily and immediately cut your energy expenses, without you having to leave the comfort of a larger family home.

If you no longer need to consistently cool or heat an entire home, these split systems can be a great option to consider. They’re also ideal for sheds, home offices, infrequently used rooms, granny flats and guest bedrooms.

Shared Spaces or Occasional use

Split systems also offer savings and flexibility for many commercial, business, office and home environments. Work from home options mean that many people are working flexibly from various locations, rather than in a communal 9 to 5 workplace. Split systems can offer a perfect, efficient solution, ideal for suiting the new flexible arrangements many workers and workplaces are experiencing. 

Because they provide on-demand temp control, it means you never have to pay for heating or cooling costs for spaces not in use. This makes them an ideal and cost-effective option for hotel rooms, serviced apartments, guest properties, function rooms, granny flats, sheds, converted garages, and occasional-use or shared work spaces. 

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