Evaporative Cooling

If your heating, air-conditioning, or refrigeration systems aren’t working, or if they’re in need of an upgrade, MRB Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can help.

Clean, green and ideal for the Riverina climate, evaporative cooling is a great cost-effective way to cool your home, office or business. Evaporative cooling continues to be a consistent and efficient performer across the Riverina.

Using a series of ducts installed throughout your home, evaporative cooling introduces and distributes cool air evenly throughout your home or workplace.  It efficiently draws in and cools fresh air while removing hot, stale inside air. Even on the hottest of days, your home, office or workplace will stay comfortable.

The eco-friendly design and engineering of modern evaporative systems mean they are extremely cost-effective, and produce no CFCs. Most standard homes will cost less than a few dollars a day to run, even at the peak of summer.

The MRB team regularly installs, maintains and repairs brands such as Braemar, Breezair, Bonaire, Celair and CoolAir, among others. 

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