Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

The old saying is the prevention is always better than the cure, and this bit of wisdom certainly applies to your heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.

Don’t wait until summer sets in, or your refrigeration system is full of fresh stock to discover that things aren’t working as they should.

Making sure your heating, cooling and refrigeration systems aren’t neglected is critical for both homes and businesses, and MRB is happy to sort you out.

With regularly scheduled maintenance, the team at MRB can help prevent any potential disruptions, and ensure your systems are working correctly and efficiently, year-round.

If repair work is required, the MRB team will always give all the options and recommend a solution in order to best meet your needs. Extensive repair work is never undertaken without prior consultation and approval.

Check out a few of our ideas for how we can help to inspect and maintain your commercial and domestic systems.

Refrigeration and freezer systems servicing options

  • Checking temperatures 
  • Calibrating thermometers
  • Cleaning coils, gaskets, hoses and hinges
  • Inspecting compressors and other essential parts
  • Repairing or replacing from general wear and tear
  • Cleaning ice makers
  • Cleaning filters

Split system servicing package

Ensure your system is at peak performance level, regardless of the season.

  • The MRB servicing package includes:
  • Checking for consistency of air flow
  • Duct cleaning and removal of mould, dust, vermin excrement
  • Sanitising and cleaning of coils, filters, fan barrels, casing as needed

Evaporative system serving package

Hygiene is especially important with evaporative air conditioning. All systems should be regularly checked and maintained. This prevents bacteria from thriving, especially the kind that can cause Legionnaire’s disease. The MRB team can help keep your evaporative air conditioning system healthy and working efficiently.

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